Month: March 2017

POC Completed and Moving On to the Alpha

Immortal Doctrine Tech Demo Complete Well it is my pleasure to announce that the MVP and POC test phase of Immortal Doctrine has been completed! At this point, I’m looking to receive feedback on the game, while at the same time I am looking to expand the game beyond a concept demo, into the complete […]

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Fun Game Flow, Dungeons, Relationships, and Sexy Battle System Features

Fun Game Flow 1 I’m happy to announce some great news for Immortal Doctrine: The game is really starting to take off. Granted, I know that this is all subjective. But I believe that I’m a rather harsh critique of my own work (which is never good enough) and even then so, I would say, […]

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Game Updates: Smarter Battle System A.I. and Solidifying the Core Game Loop

Battle System 1 So far the technical components for the basic battle system are almost complete! Currently, there are some bugs that are causing allies to sometimes target themselves, which is really hilarious as it causes them to try to continuously punch themselves in the face! Besides the targeting problems, the rest of the game […]

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Battle System Updates and Future Steps

Battle System Updates 1 Move A.I. is now 100% on a base level. What remains is a few tweaks to the game that allow monsters to move and act more convincingly. Example: Monsters that only heal will typically work to maintain distance from an enemy and will cancel their ability cast (if possible) and run […]

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Battle System Big Update and Next Steps

Battle System Big Update So the close to finalized movement System was provided to me a few days ago and so I’ve been mostly focusing on testing the system and getting the kinks out while building the long awaited battle System MVP. I’m pleased to say that after a few days of work, I had […]

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Battle System Ability Updates

Battle System Ability Updates So while I’m waiting for the move A.I. elements to be completed for the game, I’ve been working on developing some rough versions of the various passive abilities that each character will have. The purpose of doing so is to test which of my ideas will be possible given technical constraints […]

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Screen Resolution, Publishing Group Consideration, Battle System Update

Screen Resolution So I was doing some “competitive research” the other day (looking at other indie rpgs on the market) and found some interesting lessons learned from my own observations and confessions from the developers. One of the most surprising to me was the lack of particular details that you would hope would be checked […]

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UI Update # 2

UI Update I’ve continued to vastly improve the game’s temp A.I. I’m proud to say that the game has now upgraded from “Super Shady” UI to “Not as shady UI”! I updated more menu options, more specifically: Inventory Menu Leveling Menu Equipment Menu Automata Menu A.I. System Menu With those last components complete, I plan […]

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UI Update and Sounds!

Updating The UI So currently I’ve been in the process of updating all of the game’s UI. I purchased a few assets from the unity asset store and and am using them to get the game as close to a legit looking product as I possibly can with both free and cheap assets. I […]

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Cutscene System Complete! Moving on to some UI Fixes

Cutscenes I completed the basic Cutscene system! Currently I can use picture objects in precreated scenes with dialogue events in order to convey events and progress the story. The system was super easy to create and involves using a character object with an animator that contains a bunch of animations. I can use ork to […]

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