Man do I have story to tell.

But first, a quick note

It’s funny how I’m writing this message nearly 1 full year after the day I wrote my post back in 2018. I suppose it really just shows how much things can happen in a year. Both good and bad. (But mostly good :D)

Now our story begins not 1 month… not 1 week… but a mere single day after I posted on the 18th of October

I posted my team on a nice little site, hoping to share what I’ve made with other’s who’d also believe in my vision.

Insert Irish T… The man who’s strengths covered my weakneses and who’s own weaknesses (though he may reasonably argue how he has none XD) were covered by my strengths.

By some miracle I had found a partner. Someone to share my dream with. Something that I not long ago didn’t thing was impossible, but certainly did not expect to find so soon.

It was after meeting him that I.D. had finally made it’s chance to come to life. Irish T. and I got to work quickly.

I organized our work structures and created development plans while solidifying the vision and he would work to make thing better than I would have ever expected (and be the first to tell me when I was basically out of my mind.)

As we worked together we began to look for others. Our goal: to build a family. To build a team of dedicated people who would help shape Grand Scheme Games into the studio we always dreamed.

Many people came and went. And by Februrary of 2019, we had a team of 10 people:

5 Artists

1 Designer/Producer

1 Programmer

1 Writer (and butt saver)

1 Musician

1 SFX Masta

A pretty complete team.

We kicked things off fast.

Our goal: “Make Immortal Doctrine better than I was able to do while I was making it on my own.”

Out of our work came some truly amazing ideas and efforts. However… over the course of the next 7 months things would start to go horribly wrong.

“Miscommunication” was the biggest issue here.

But also, internal politics, ulterior motives and some very unfortunate circumstances which befell certain members in their personal lives. Not to mention a combination of my ignorance in many things regarding leadership skills as well as being attune to social circumstances and people’s emotions.

By the end of it all. I’d lost more than half the team.

And due to some truly tragic circumstances…. even Irish T.

And as a result Immortal Doctrine was put on Hiatus.

I was saddened by the ordeal. And took time to reflect on the situation. What I had done wrong, what I had done right, and how I could improve.

I learned a great deal about:

1. Trusting myself sooner. When my “spider-sense” is telling me that something is off. LISTEN.

2. Understand how people all think in different ways and adjust my approach to accomadate that.

3. Realizing that not everyone works the same way. And though I’m kind of a freak of nature when it comes to work ethic… not everyone else is. And sometimes it’s not because of laziness, sometimes it’s because people are going through situations that cause them to not be able to be at their best.

I picked up meditation, took Hypontherapy sessions and tried a great slew of methods to clear my mind and understand how to take my failure and turn it back into success. And so though it wasn’t the best thing I could do, I had decided to continue working through Grand Scheme Game’s mission, but this time with a smaller game and with a smaller team of people whom I knew I could believe in.

At first we didn’t get far. I managed to make progress being the sole dev again. But something felt wrong.

Notheless we pushed forward trying to make the best thing we could. And then something happened. After all the hardships, all the trial and error, and perhaps at the height of all the hard times…

Irish T. came back 😀

And with that, we vowed that all the crap that happened would be put behind us and together we’d start from scratch. But this time, do things “right.”

I told him about a little game I wanted to make called Navia. Something that I think that we’d all love. And after that we got to work quickly.

I spent 2 months searching for artists and organizing things together so we’d be a lean, mean, small dev machine.

Irish T. went Super Saiyan and began doing things that I literally think would take an army of devs to do. And before we know it. We built GSG into the kind of team we knew it could be. Small, tight-knit and ready to bring you all something awesome.

But most importantly from the heart.

People asked me why I hadn’t updated the blog all this time. And the honest answer was that I wasn’t ready.

I wanted to wait for that perfect moment. A time when I could say that “I can trust my team and share with you what we’ve got in store.”

And now I can say for a fact that we’re here. I’m very excited and feel incredibly thankful for who are and what we want to do.

We all know about the bad things going out in the world.

Violence, wars, global warming, impending dooms and all. There’s so much to think about. So much to be afraid of. So much to be anxious over.

And I know. I’m an anxious person.

But honestly at this point, we have one thing we truly want to do. And one thing I truly want to do, even if it’s the last thing I ever get to do.

And that is, by the graces and power of our team, we bring a little bit of heart back into the game industry.

To take some of that heart and soul that games brought to us. And bring out out to as many people as we can.

It’s good to be back. And remember.

We’ll be “turning yours and our dreams into grand schemes.”


My team is going to kill me for using that cheesy line XD

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