Battle System Ability Updates

Battle System Ability Updates
So while I’m waiting for the move A.I. elements to be completed for the game, I’ve been working on developing some rough versions of the various passive abilities that each character will have.

The purpose of doing so is to test which of my ideas will be possible given technical constraints and then possibly monetary.

So far, I have been able to successfully implement the unity particle system into base attacks. So now a character’s base attack will change based depending on what automata’s and passive abilities they have equipped.

At the moment, I have Marin equipped with her Blade of Black Flames Passive, where her basic attacks deal extra darkness damage and issue a damage-over-time affect on targeted enemies.

I as able to successfully implement the raw system and include the burning effect on the monster target.

With this revelation, I have confirmed that all Elemental Attack Automatas will be easily possible to include in the game.

Moving forward, I will continue to create more battle skills for each character (5 unique passives for each character) so that they player will be able to feel the mechanical differences between the four characters in the game come test time.

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