Battle System Big Update and Next Steps

Battle System Big Update
So the close to finalized movement System was provided to me a few days ago and so I’ve been mostly focusing on testing the system and getting the kinks out while building the long awaited battle System MVP.

I’m pleased to say that after a few days of work, I had finally managed to “lose” the game by getting my butt kicked by the A.I.

At this point I’ve made three base enemies (classic slimes) each has a different role: Healer, Warrior, Mage

Given that, I’m having them fight my current two member party of Marin and Zex (Warrior-ish and Mage-ish) while fine tuning the properties of the system.

At his point. The monsters are about 90% done for MVP purposes, the remaining 10% has to do with updating some of the move A.I. features so that I can make healer have better reaction to danger (if desired).

After this:

  1. I’ll be working on creating the first prototypes for the player-cetered base A.I. Strategems: Free-style, Long-Ranged, and Supportive
    1. While also following up with an assortment of rulesets for the DAIS system.
  2. Once these things are done, the last thing to handle is the creation of MVP Cerseiii and Orsus.
    1. This includes adding two battle skills (one long-range, one short), system requirements, and 5 passive abilities each for their first Classes
  3. Afterwards, I’ll need to do a Sprite Switch for Marin since she’s using a Fighter sprite right now rather than a swordsman

Once those things are accomplished, the MVP battle system will be complete.

Looking Forward
Things have really been coming a long way since when I first started drafting the design for Immortal Doctrine.

It’s nice to actually see a game coming to life (Somewhat) from paper.

After the MVP battle system is done, I’ll then progress to lightly balance the exp systems to some degree and perform some light balancing on the skills/abilities to make sure I can create a nice demo process.

Once those things are done. My plan is to take everything I’ve made so far and create a minor ” Test Campaign”

This “Test Campaign” will be filled with a few quests, 2 towns, a couple dungeons, some secrets, dialogues/cutscenes, and two competing guilds in order to best represent the possibility of the game in it’s most raw form.

The test campaign world has already been “set” but it lacks content including filling the secrets/dungeons with dialogues, treasures, monsters, and npcs.

It will introduce a very light non-cannon story and work as a potential towards how the game may feel/pace (with really shitty graphics, sounds and music).

After this “Test Campaign” is complete, I will be sending the Test Demo out to get feedback.

After which, intensive review/revision of the core game parts will be done and then eventually polish for those features.

After which, will lead as the basis for the official Immortal Doctrine Demo

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