Battle System Updates and Future Steps

Battle System Updates
1 Move A.I. is now 100% on a base level. What remains is a few tweaks to the game that allow monsters to move and act more convincingly.


Monsters that only heal will typically work to maintain distance from an enemy and will cancel their ability cast (if possible) and run away in the opposite direction if the enemy get’s too close.

These ranges and tolerances can be altered for every combatant.

So between the Behavior A.I.’s, Strategems, Move A.I.’s and abilities. The number of complex and unique enemy types are practically infinite!

2 The only thing remaining for the battle system MVP to be complete include some minor Move and Logic A.I. bugs affecting both Player and Monster Characters.

Afterwards the next step will be to add Cerseii and Orsus as well as some of their unique abilities.

Then I’ll need to create some additional A.I. base types for all characters each of them.

  1. Free-Style
  2. Long-Range
  3. Short-Range
  4. Idle

Tech Info: Every character shares the same Base A.I. category, but the implementation for each character must be different.

Basically, Marin and Zex cannot have the same exact Free-Style logic, because each have their own unique abilities. So it wouldn’t make sense for them to use them under the exact same circumstances.

Also, since we may want to include the addition of a Class system to the game. Every character needs a different implementation of the same Battle A.I. for each individual class (again since abilities are different)

Luckily this is more time consuming than difficult, since I just need to make sure I do it right once, so that I can copy the logic and make small tweaks for character skill deviation purposes.

3 After skills and A.I.’s have been added. I’ll go ahead and balance abilities using simple formulas and have the leveling system work up to a level of 20 or so.

Abilities won’t be perfectly balanced, but should be just enough to give the game the right balance.

4 Once this is done. The most basic battle system will essentially be complete.
Future Steps
1 So after this battle system is complete. What’s next?

Prep for the Tech demo to be tested by others.

But before I can do that, everyone needs something to test right?

But what will that be?

Two things:

  1. The game’s mechanics
  2. The Core Game Loop
2 Game Mechanics can be tweaked, altered, or completely replaced, and doing so, doesn’t really impact the game as a whole.

However, given how simple the game will be in the beginning, it’s most important to determine if the potential is enough.

If the raw idea is good, then we can just improve upon it. But if the raw Idea sucks, then we need to try something completely new.

3 The Core Game Loop is a concept that refers to what general repetitive process the player will be doing in order to “play” the game

Examples of a Core Game Loop can be:

() = Process is repeated independently


The Core Game Loop in StarCraft goes: Campaign Cutscene or Video -> (Collect Resources → Build Base) → Battle

The Legend of Zelda:

The Core Game Loop: Cutscene → Visit Town/NPC → Learn About Dungeon or Dungeons to conquer → Conquer Dungeon

Final Fantasy:

Core Game Loop: Cutscene → Visit Story Significant Location → Cutscene → Some Scripted Battle → Cutscene

Metal Gear (PS Versions (not including MGSV)):

Core Game Loop: Codec Call With Mission Brief → Travel from Point A To Point B → Cutscene → Special Event

4 If you break games down to their Core Game loop, they actually seem pretty simple right?

That’s because they are and probably should be. That’s why the above games are so well regarded.

But more important than the simplicity of the Core Game Loop, is that the Game Loop is actually compelling.

And on top of that, there are other features in the game that support and enhance the core game loop.

5 So what this means for Immortal Doctrine is, now that I’ve proven the possibility to implement the game’s basic features. Now I must focus on the establishing its “Core Game Loop

Between the Mechanics and Core Game Loop being created, this will mark the completion of the Tech Demo and will give us clearance to move on to the game’s “Real Demo”

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