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Adventure Log # 1: Ain’t Scared of No Ghosts!

Dear Brave Adventurers,   Have you heard that rumor about the ghost that lives deep within the sanctum just a mile east from town?   Legends say that if you look at it in the eye, it steals your soul! And they say that it’s already claimed the lives of several adventurers!   I’m looking […]

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Don’t Mind Us… Just Making A Game

We will have an abnormally large update COTSG coming in soon. In the meantime…

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Genuine Self Confidence

Fear is like a new flavor of candy. The first taste can be overwhelming, in yet, it still just comes and goes.~Philosopher Kibo For the last post of the year I wanted to take time to talk about something very simple, yet incredibly profound. That being, the fact that the only thing that stands in […]

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What is the most powerful force in all of the universe? Dreams. Dreams are the very things in which we hold in our minds. They are the product of an energy that transcends beyond our base levels of consciousness. Those base levels being our Thoughts, Feelings, and Beliefs. Dreams are the power source that fuels […]

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City of the Sleeping Goddess

I’m proud to introduce our next project: City of the Sleeping Goddess   After working on Navia we realized that the scope of the game was going to still be too large given the size of our team and the amount of time each person was able to work on the game. Because of this, we […]

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Unity With Irish T. – Part 1: Scriptable Objects

While I have many years of experience programming, working with Unity is still a relatively new experience for me. As such I’m constantly learning and finding new ways to do things. One new thing I’ve started working with is the ScriptableObject class. I put these off for awhile, not really understanding what they were and […]

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November Post… (I’ll come up with better post names in the future)

November – Revised Greetings all, and happy November. Last time was a bit of a “coming back” kind of update. In that, I wanted to give everyone some context on our idea with Navia. For this post and moving forward, I’ll start talking about general updates. But before I begin. I want you to think […]

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Hi. So. Man do I have story to tell. But first, a quick note It’s funny how I’m writing this message nearly 1 full year after the day I wrote my post back in 2018. I suppose it really just shows how much things can happen in a year. Both good and bad. (But mostly […]

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Still Alive

Great things are coming… Stay tuned 😀

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October Update

Story Time Hey, it’s been a little while. So I have a story. Not a good one. But a story nonetheless. Once upon a time, I had a crazy dream that I wanted to start a entertainment studio. Why? Simple. Because I wanted to improve humanity. And to do that, I wanted to positively influence […]

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