City of the Sleeping Goddess


Our Dream:

  1. "We want to give our player's a proper introduction to the Immortal Doctrine Universe"
  2. "With our new found team, let's make something special that only we can make."
  3. "Our game should be like comfort food. It should just make people feel good."


The Game

City of the Sleeping Goddess (COTSG)  is a small game we wanted to make about the hidden power of humankind

The game is a unique blend of dungeon crawling with fast-paced Semi-Auto battling combat

As a Master Navigator it is up to you to recruit a special task force to venture with you into the Sanctum

With over 30 different classes to choose from, class progressions and upgrades to help make your journey to the bottom floors easier, it will be your destiny to awaken the Goddess and save the City of Arlen before it runs out of time.

The Story

When the city of Arlen is attacked by the evil Demon King, they call upon you, a master navigator, a specialist who's talents in combat tactics and the occult give you the means to guide task force down the mysterious dungeon that lurks beneath the city's ruins called the Sanctum.

Your mission is to travel to the deepest reaches of the Sanctum and awaken the Goddess that sleeps below, so that she may return protect the town just as she had many years ago.

Though the journey may be periless and the dangers vast, Arlen's and perhaps the entire fate of the world rests upon your shoulders as you uncover even deeper truths about the city, it's history, and even a greater truth as to why you were even called to save it in the first place.