City of the Sleeping Goddess


Our Dream:

  1. "We want to give our player's a proper introduction to the Immortal Doctrine Universe"
  2. "With our new found team, let's make something special that only we can make."
  3. "Our game should be like comfort food. It should just make people feel good."


The Game

City of the Sleeping Goddess (COTSG)  is a game about the hidden power of humankind and our ability to overcome impossible obstacles.

The game is a unique blend of deep dungeon crawling and strategic turn-based combat all wrapped up in the fun and warmth of the Immortal Doctrine universe.

As a Master Navigator it is up to you and your hand-selected specialized task force to venture within the depths of the Sanctum, an esoteric system of underground ruins who's twisted hallways bend reality and trancend the laws of time and space, to discover the secrets it holds!

With over 30 different classes to choose from, class progressions, base-building, powerups, upgrades and more to help you on your quest, it will be your destiny to awaken the Goddess who sleeps below and save the City of Nótt before time runs out...