Cutscene System Complete! Moving on to some UI Fixes

I completed the basic Cutscene system! Currently I can use picture objects in precreated scenes with dialogue events in order to convey events and progress the story.

The system was super easy to create and involves using a character object with an animator that contains a bunch of animations. I can use ork to Trigger the animations when I need them.

I can also create emotes that popup when needed during the dialogue.

I must say, I really like being able to use character art like this to convey the story. It’s much more versatile this way, and I think that it’s easier to build a connection with the characters when the player can actually see their faces when they’re speaking.

I will generate a list of UI art elements needed to complete the system at 100% at a later date.

The very first cutscene involves an humorous conversation between Marin and Zex where Zex attempts to convince Marin to allow himself to become the main character in Immortal Doctrine…

I wanted to do a replacement of the game’s original UI, something to make the game feel more like a game and less like a demo.

I purchased a really nice UI package and will start to work with it to replace the game’s current A.I.

At this point, my major priority is to fix the windows, options, tabs, and buttons.

Eventually, I want to fix my Menu layouts as well.

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