Demo Update: Farway Complete, Zex Complete, Highpeak in creation phase

With another month gone by, it’s time for another update on the game.


Environmental Art Complete

So at this point, I’m happy to say that all of our needs for the environmental art have been met. I had to cut down some of the content due to constraints compared to what I had originally planned, but the game has always been pretty flexible.

I may be requesting an extra piece here and there, but for now, I’m going to try to make do with what I have.

The way in which I’ve gone about building this game world-wise has been through purchasing assets that could be used repeatedly, but with enough variety to allow freshness.

Think of Skyrim and how it typically cycles through a limited number of dungeon oriented terrains, but it uses those assets in a number of different ways to make each dungeon unique (along with the addition of unique items)

In any case the environmental art for the sake is the demo is 100%  complete.


Faraway Complete

So at this point in time, all of the major intended content for the game in the location of Faraway is completed. The only major things needed will be some writing revisions, addition of NPC’s to add context to locations and art replacements. But given that these can be added after the fact, they will come later.

All intended quests have been completed  and so now that they are done, I will be moving on to the creation of Highpeak and it’s quests.


Highpeak Status

As of this update Highpeak’s environment is about 70% complete. The main fields are done with the exception of one area. What will remain after isthe the actual town of Highpeak along with the dungeon entrance for the Pantheon of Time.

Along with the environment and addition of the quests. I estimate to be done with Highpeak before the end of this month.

Once highpeak has been completed like Faraway. I’ll be working on fixing the intro to the game based on a new idea I came up with and also adding the ending (which is triggered after the time guardian is defeated).


Sub-Demo Plans

I plan to release a sub-demo for the game once Orsus has been  completed. Orsus is maybe 30-40% complete at this point. And so onc eI have him and at least 5 more monsters ready, I’ll be making a demo that will just explore Faraway in order to make sure that the game is headed in a good direction.


Plan for This Month

My plan for this month is to complete Highpeak in entirety, update the game intro, add the game ending, add Orsus into the game. Which I think is a solid plan.

If I find a way to finish early, my next plan is to begin working on improving the battle system.

That’s all for now!

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