What is the most powerful force in all of the universe?


Dreams are the very things in which we hold in our minds.

They are the product of an energy that transcends beyond our base levels of consciousness. Those base levels being our Thoughts, Feelings, and Beliefs.

Dreams are the power source that fuels all human ingenuity.

Any idea ever conceived was contrived from a dream. And though the dream itself may have not been fully realized in form. Often times what did come to form was something even further beyond.

Dreams are a fundamental part of being a human being. In yet, at some point, in some stage of our lives, we are taught to operate in a way that is fundamentally contrary to our nature.

And as a result of this, we experience terms of sadness, despair, confusion and suffering. And continue to do so as long as we continue to deny what can only be described as our “True Selves.”

The term “True Self” is easy to dismiss as a trigger word of sorts. Maybe an SEO term. Or something that likes to be thrown out here and there in order to make one sound profound from a “Spiritual” perspective.

But what does “True Self” really mean? What does it entail?

How can one actually come into being with it?

Well the answer is… simple. But not particularly easy (at least for many).

The “answer” is simply to imagine your being. Your Self.

Your pure, unfiltered, uninhibited self.

The self that you are when all belief systems that do not sit right with you are temporarily placed aside.

The self that you are when you do not accept beliefs that are contrary to your personal truth.

The self that you are when you do not hold on to beliefs that do not feel right.

The self that you are when you shed the beliefs that tell you what you should care about as opposed to what you actually care about.

The self that remains after all unaligned beliefs has been fundamentally broken down to their most basic level.

And what remains when you breakdown all unaligned beliefs you hold?

The only true essence of negative belief systems. Fear.

Fear. Is the primary emotion that many of us operate on. Fear transcends all cultures, all social contracts, and all self-perceived human identities.

Fear is what stops us from realizing who we are.

It is because of fear that we disassociate with ourselves and from others.

Fear fragments us and creates illusions of separation between humans when otherwise non-exist.

Fear could perhaps be seen as the greatest driving force of all things in this world we could call “evil”.

Fear of death makes one value their life over another.

Fear of not having enough makes one wish to benefit at another’s expense.

Fear of cultural ownership makes one country wish to dominate another.

Fear of contrary opinion makes one wish to suppress the other giving rise to extremes.

Fear of one’s self prevents one from listening to the true and non-malicious inner voice in their hearts.

No matter how one put’s it, many of us are inflicted by fear.

By how do we get rid of it?

How do we conquer fear?

By confronting it.

Understanding that it exists in us is the first step to realizing that something can be done about it.

We must bring the light of our consciousness to our fears and only then when we’ve done that may we have the means and objectivity to dismantle it at the source.

And when you’ve dismantled even one fear from your life, you will notice a significant shift in perspective.

Let’s perhaps all make an effort to face our fears.

To no longer allow what makes us uncomfortable in an effort to make it comfortable.

To no longer be willing to live by fear.

As a life lived in total fear is really no life at all.


Thomas Williams

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  • MOJackal
    October 11, 2020 at 8:41 pm Reply
    This is deep, extremely deep *-* But it also helps one think about their actions etc

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