End of October Update


I decided to postpone the update to late this month since it was pretty jam packed with a lot of things.

To start off with a list:

  • Completed Game Story and Questlines
  • Completed Game world
  • Battle System Overhaul
  • Formulas for Battle and Stats
  • 3 new monsters, (going on 7)
  • Immortal Doctrine Composer
  • First Game Feedback
  • New Intro Changes

Completed Game Story and Questlines

So at this point Immortal Doctrine is “Done” done as in, the entire scope of the game has been created from beginning to end.

What’s left at this point is to polish everything that has been done in many dimensions. This polishing is what I’ll be spending the majority of the next few months working on, in one category at a time.

With the story completed, what remains are:

  • Grammar, spelling, and dialogue changes
  • Colliders and world fixes
  • Asset replacement for npcs
  • Adding monsters
  • Potential and scheduled changes for Quests and the game Intro

Completed Game World

The game world is completed. It’s composed of about 300 maps :D. Ehh… I guess you’ll see it when you play later


Battle System Overhaul

I spent this past month overhauling the battle system. The major differences between in now and in the past is that there is a greater distinction of play between characters, especially between casters and melee focused characters.

The battle system relies of the use of a system called the LB system which stands for “Lifeblood” as the player attacks and uses skills, they build up the LB meter and when the LB meter reaches certain points, they can spend the collected LB points on Elocutions (abilities).

This makes the general flow of battle feel much better as the new flow allows the player to strike their enemies with combos and then finish them off with powerful abilities.

Aside from this. All abilities for Battle characters have been completed and implemented into the new battle system.

What stands left for the battle system to be complete, is how the addition of new monsters with new abilities may require changes to the battle system. Though it’s very unlikely. Most monsters will have their abilities developed in a way that will require them to conform to the limits of the battle system.


Formulas for Battle and Stats

All of the basic and complex formulas have been made for abilities and items in the game.

In addition, all stat grows and PP investments have been made (while balancing will likely be a life-long venture for the game)

New Monsters

We’ve got a bunch of new monsters in. I’ve only had the chance to get the behaviors and anim stuff down for one of them, but every new monster makes a huge difference when it comes down to game-play experience.

There are many more left that are done on the art side, but haven’t been implemented in the game. However, those will likely take a side-line to the game’s revamped intro.


Music Composer

We brought on a music composer to the team! His name is Chris and his music is exceptional! We knew he’d be a great addition to the team when he had composed a small sample for us depicting his vision for the game’s title menu. In his vision he described events that actually take place in the game with them being publicly released.

At that point, we knew he just had to be on the team!

So now that we have music coming out for the game, it’s really starting to come together.


First Full Game Feedback

I made the first playable build in the game in quite some time (something like 5 months) which I know I shouldn’t do, but everything was built pretty modularly, with an understanding that the separate pieces that make the game were good.

Given that. The only real criticism the game had received was what I had felt all along in that the intro to the game is too long and not engaging.

The length is less of the problem and it’s more the lack of engagement it has.

It tells the story to the player and doesn’t leave much room for the player to make the decision to invest in the game’s story on their own.

Given this, I’ve completely rewritten the game’s intro from scratch and will be implementing it in the next few weeks along with feedback.


All in all

The game is really starting to come around. The most important thing to me is that the game has the potential to be great. Because if that’s the case, the more I care about it, the better it can be.

Otherwise, to me, there’s no point in polishing a turd.

But given the feedback I’ve received regarding the game so far, I truly believe that we may have a new beloved RPG series coming into the world soon.

So here’s to trying!

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