Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which game are you working on?

Right now we're working on City of the Sleeping Goddess.

Artwork is coming along nicely and so our biggest priority is to complete the combat and dungeon mechanics.

When will the full game be ready?

We're aiming for a solid game around August of this year, but realistically it may be closer towards the end of this year.

Do you have plans to get the game funded?

Nope, COTGS is being entirely self funded.

What about Navia and Immortal Doctrine?

Our team composition was very different while making Immortal Doctrine and is even more different now (granted for the better)

This is the first time we've had a truly tight-knit team and are like a family.

With that we had to murder some of our darlings to look at the bigger picture of what could be done right now given our current team's strengths.

We will be revisiting Navia and Immortal Doctrine, but first I want to be sure to bring everyone at least something in less distant future. And we believe that COTSG will be just the right size and scope.

What systems are being used to develop the game?

The game is being built using Unity.

Specifically for those techy- peeps, we're using 2019.3 where Unity is FINALLY  adding polymorphic serialization and-


On which systems will the game be available?

Short Term: Windows and Mac.

Long Term: We think the Nintendo Switch would be nice because the overall soul of our games seems to be a good fit from our perspective.


Others are a possibility as well, but we just want to take things one step at a time for now and see how life turns out.