Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which game are you working on?

Right now we're working on the Demo for Navia.

Our plan is to develop the Demo up to  a solid point and gain feedback on it so that we can make the full version as best it can be.

When will the full game be ready?

We have estimations for how long it should take, however, right now, our goal is to finish the demo before the end of 2019.

As for the full game, it will depend on a few factors. But we'll be purposely keeping sure that the scope doesn't get out of hand.

The road-map for the game  has been planned out in advanced and we'll be using the demo as a % representation of what the full version's scale will be.

Do you have plans to get the game funded?

So actually Navia at the moment is being entirely self-funded. In between the financial contributions from twill14 as he works his dayjob and the amazing efforts from every member on the team, all members plan to share in the success of Navia after it's completion.

Are you looking for new members?

Though our team is a nice and cozy size right now we're certainly open to chat with dedicated people who'd be able to make Navia the best game it can be.

What systems are being used to develop the game?

The game is being built using Unity.

Specifically for those techy- peeps, we're using 2019.3 where Unity is FINALLY  adding polymorphic serialization and-


On which systems will the game be available?

Short Term: Windows, Mac and possibly Ubuntu unless it makes us cry.

Long Term: We think the Nintendo Switch would be nice because the overall soul of our games seems to be a good fit from our perspective.


Others are a possibility as well, but we just want to take things one step at a time for now and see how life turns out.

Oh and the king of all consoles tHe oUyA!