February Update

This past month Immortal Doctrine went through some much needed technical improvements as it was plagued with a few bugs that made the game unplayable. But with those out of the way and new assets making their way into the game, I’m happy to talk about how the game is coming along and what’s planned for this month.

Updates from last month:

  • Asset Replacement Npcs
  • Bug fixes galore and Demo is now fully playable without major hiccups (I hope 😀 )
  • Music and Sound effects + Voice Acting

Coming Up This Month:

  • Remaining NPC asset replacement (Divines)
  • Cutscenes Preparation
  • Replaced Game Intro Preparation
  • Battle Effects!
  • Pixel Art samples by request

Asset Replacement NPCs

So last month we started busting out the NPCs for the game. At this point, every single NPC has been replaced with an original art piece now and I gotta say, I’m loving them!


Like in every video game, Immortal Doctrine has had (and still has *cries*) it’s share of bugs. In January I worked to eliminate all of the most game-breaking ones including annoying ones that soft-locked the game all the way to ones that would literally send you into some freaky twilight zone-like parallel dimension. (My testers will understand that.)

At this point, I’m happy to say that Immortal Doctrine appears to be free of any major game breaking bugs at this point and now only suffers from occasional visual bugs which will need to be sorted out on a case by case or reported bases.

Granted, my testers are always looking for new ways to break the game… so I may eat my words, but I hope not.

Music and Sound Effects

Chris has been doing an awesome job composing the music for the game. We’re a little more than halfway done with the game’s base soundtrack. So far, the team is very pleased with Chris’ work and we hope to continue on the Mixing and Mastering phase of the music in the coming months.

We’ve also got Austin on board who has been helping out with sound effects! We spent a few meetings discussing and planning out how we wants the sound to work in the game and broke down the categories of sound types that the game will have including, general sound effects, combat sound effects, Ui sound effects, field ambiance and more. At this stage, we’re going to experiment with a few things and come to a finalized decision before we start working on battle effects which is when a large part of the sounds will need to be made.

In addition to sound effects, we are proud to reveal that we will be having a voice actor voice the initial phase of the game! Unfortunately the voice actor we will be working with became ill recently and so we’ll wait until he’s better before moving forward on that front.

Remaining NPC Asset Replacement

So at this point, we’ve completed all lamb NPCs and are now moving into Divine NPCs. Divine NPCs though mighty in appearance will be a little easier and faster to create as opposed to the lamb ones and so Betty will be working on those promptly and with their completion (and along with the new intro if it’s ready by the end of this week) I’ll be making another build for Immortal Doctrine.

Cutscene Preparation

Aside from NPCs Betty will also be working on Cutscenes soon. So far all cutscenes have been storyboarded and all in-game dialogue scenes are already in the game. The only things missing from the dialogue scenes are the backgrounds that will be used to convey the settings. Betty and I have had many discussions regarding what our approach to the cutscenes will entail in the past and so we’ll be going into it with a reasonable approach. However, after the NPCs are done we’ll be having a pretty involved set of meetings over the course of their creation.

Game Intro Preparation

So Tim and I started working again and are now in the process of building the new environment for the game’s revised intro. So far I’m pretty pleased with the results! More to come this month.

Battle Effects

We’ll be working on battle effects come later this month and the effort will like take up until early next month.

Pixel Art Samples By Request

As requested, I’ve decided to show off some pixel art that will be featured in the game 😀

From left to right we have:

Portrait art, NPC, Two Monsters, Zex (Player Character), and Marin (Mah- rin) (Main Character)


Some Environment Art: Just a few examples of the kinds of places to explore in Frayla



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