Fun Game Flow, Dungeons, Relationships, and Sexy Battle System Features

Fun Game Flow
1 I’m happy to announce some great news for Immortal Doctrine:

The game is really starting to take off.

Granted, I know that this is all subjective. But I believe that I’m a rather harsh critique of my own work (which is never good enough) and even then so, I would say, that my game just might have the potential to be… dare I say… “Fun”

2 The game is taking a bit of a turn from how I previously envisioned it, but I believe that it’s all for the better!

Rather than the game being more like Star Ocean/ Skyrim.

It’s much more like Secret of Mana/Legend of Zelda. But in all honesty, I think that the game is a bit unique to itself! Perhaps another title in the ARPG genre?

3 For people who have seen the OG version of the game, a lot has changed including the method of travel and battle system.

World map exploration is node based like in FF Tactics games and gives you the ability to visit all sorts of areas (at the moment)

There are three towns: The Free town of Faraway, The Imperial Mountain Town of Highpeak, and the Serene Town of Midspice.

Two Special Areas: Faraway Field and Highpeak Hills

There are currently two dungeons without any content. (Those are next after the battle system is done)

And about 6 general nodes for event reservations.

Currently there are 3 available quests:

  1. Hunt Quest
  2. Save/Find BlackSmith Quest
  3. Save/Find Grocerer Quest
4 I’ll have something more to say about quests later, but I wanted to mention that there will be NO FETCH quests in this game.

Every quest will provide the player with a reward significant to gameplay.

So if you help save an NPC, it won’t be for some EXP and a potion. Instead it will be for an additional feature to be unlocked in the game.

For example. You cannot Modify Weapons or learn new teachings until you locate the blacksmith that recently went missing the the Highpeak Hills.

5 One other big change from before, is that the game will be using two major time systems. A day and night system and year system.

Day and Night will pass when exploring in a field or on the world map. One year will pass after defeating a Sin.

During a year, the player may only recruit 2 other party members to join them on their quest for that year.

This will give them an opportunity to bond with one another and build strong relationships.

1 There will be more details on dungeons later. But basically, I’m planning on building the game, by allowing as much replay-ablility from the dungeons as possible.

What does this mean?

It means that every dungeon will have a reason to go back. The main one is that every dungeon will have a quick that changes it’s nature when certain conditions are met.

For example, a dungeon that completely warps into a new dimension at night than during the day.

Another dungeon that will assume a particular form depending on a decision that you made to another dungeon earlier in the game, that influenced the world environment.

See where I’m going with this?

Again. This is the intent. But It will take some iterations and plenty of POC’s before I make an decisions solid at this point.

1 Again, more on this later. But I tested my first Relationship system. Basically, while not in battle, you may speak to your comrades and open a dialogue option set.

During this time, you can choose various options such as, engaging in a conversation, asking for advice, or even giving them a gift in order to improve their opinion of you.

And yes, you will be able to influence your party members opinions of you. You will also be able to influence their opinions of one another.

There will be times that you may have to play the role of the arbitrator.

Essentially, it will be key for you understand the feelings and motivations of your various friends and make the best decision you can.

The benefit to improving the relationships will be:

  1. additional bonuses that two or more characters will receive during battle
  2. Changes to the game’s endings scenes.
Sexy Battle System Features
The battle system is really starting to look good imo.

Of course there is a lot of room for polish, but I think the main ideas are pretty good.

There are some A.I. hiccups here and there, but I think the Custom A.I. system really adds a nice touch to the level of customization you can have while playing the game.

Since the last update, I:

  1. Added the ability to guard
  2. Added new animations
  3. Completely replaced battler animations to incorporate attacking in all four cardinal directions rather than just left and right (big big change)
  4. Changed abilities to all be target based, rather than directional based.
    1. At first I was worried about this change, but IMO it makes combat so much more fun
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