Genuine Self Confidence

Fear is like a new flavor of candy. The first taste can be overwhelming, in yet, it still just comes and goes.
~Philosopher Kibo

For the last post of the year I wanted to take time to talk about something very simple, yet incredibly profound.

That being, the fact that the only thing that stands in the way between yourself and your own personal excellence are four very simple, yet seemingly powerful forces.



Anxiety (or Impatience)

Lack of Trust

In future post, I’ll go over each of these more in depth. But today I wanted to simply state here that the reduction and (ideally) utter removal of these four entities in one’s life will greatly liberate them and provide them with the means necessary to overcome any perceived obstacles in life.

Each of these Four Forces only affect those who otherwise feel that they are in an environment where things are outside of their control. But in truth, you always are in control.

Even if you are in a situation where you are locked away and restrained, you still have complete and total control of:

Your State of Being

Your Perspective

Your Imaginative Expression

Control of these three things alone is enough to provide one with the means to tackle any of life’s potential challenges by reframing them into mental paradigms which allow you to act in accordance with patterns that change the way you relate to life circumstances.

Then, as you relate to reality differently, you become more receptive to new ideas, beliefs, feelings, and patterns of thought which were originally unavailable to you.

The compounding effect of the new decisions you make from these new relationships alter the trajectory of your life and lead you towards paths that are more conducive to and more generally reflect the fundamental systems of belief in which those paradigms are supported.

It is by an understanding of the information above, that one can attain genuine “Self Confidence”.

Genuine meaning that true Self Confidence does not require external physical objects, symbols, nor representations as a means to justify your true worth as a conscious individual.

This upcoming year of 2021 will be most exciting. I look forward to the new adventures coming up, as well as continuing our legacy together as collective humanity.

I invite everyone to use this upcoming year as a means to seize each and every day and to use it as a catalyst to be the the best conscious creators you can be.


Thomas W.

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