Immortal Doctrine


Our Dream:

  1. "We want to create a world that will completely immerse the player despite its small size."
  2. "We want to create characters that the player can truly care about and create memories that will last a lifetime."
  3. "We want to communicate a powerful message that allows the player to reflect on their own life and experiences and dream of what they can accomplish in the future with the right mindset."
  4. "We want to give players the ability to enjoy the world how they wish to enjoy it and give them the freedom to create a game-play style and strategy that suits their preferences and desires."
  5. "Our game should be like comfort food. It just makes you feel good."

The Game

Immortal Doctrine is a game about how despite the chaos and absurdism of life,  through the power of our relationships, choices, and ideologies, we may overcome this sense of dread and turn it into positive energy that enhances our lives and the lives of others.

The Story

There are many origin myths and stories regarding how the world was created. This is but only one of them...

In the beginning there was nothing. And then there were the Three Mothers. The Mothers of Life, Creation and Passion. Together they created the world and filled it with children of their very own.

The Humans:  Whom were blessed with ingenuity in their minds and passion in their hearts to design the glories of the world

The Beasts: Whom were blessed with the tremendous power and force that the Mothers wielded in order to mold the world

The Divines: Whos very existence represented the very laws that governed all of reality

Centuries had passed since the Three Mothers had made the perfect world. In times of peace, the three children of the Mothers lived in harmony with one another. But soon the Mothers left the world and left their children to tend to it in their stead.

Before their disappearance, they left a final wish.

Their wish was for the Divines to continue to watch over the Humans and Beasts as they continued to guide the world into the future

But as they did so, the world began to spiral into an eternal battle for domination as there were Divines who rejected their fate to serve the 'lesser' beings whom later came to be referred to as Lambs.

One Divine in particular lead this new revolution and thus a war between the gods became a reality.

Lambs, once filled with godlike power, were cast away and  forced unto the new world of Purgoria. As centuries past they had slowly began to lose the memories of their ancestral birthright.

The final hope for humanity rests in a single prophecy recorded in a book that contains the final hopes and mankind.

This prophecy speaks of seven heroes who will one day defeat the rogue Divine and restore lambs to their former glory.

Though many heroes have come and gone. So far none have succeeded or come close to realizing the prophecy.

Though, after several centuries of heroes and countless attempts that all proved fruitless in the end, many lambs have began to loose faith in this prophecy.

Though many have already given up hope, there are still those who believe that the prophecy can be fulfilled.

And by the whispers of the heavens, it would seem that this last generation of heroes may be our final hope...


The World

A land filled with mystery and adventure awaits you...

Welcome to Frayla!

(C) Grand Scheme Games LLC