June Update

June Update

Hey… what’s up?
This update is coming in pretty late this month, but a lot of things have happened and so I’ll start by breaking down what this update is going to be all about.

In this update I will:
  1. Give a general recap of the past couple of months
  2. Share my new strategy/reasoning
  3. Explain the execution of my new evil master plan

And so without a moment to spare, let’s begin!

So, About the Game…

So, I spent a few months reaching out and chatting to various publishers. And surprisingly, I heard back from more than I expected. After having convos with them, there were about two that were the most promising on both ends meaning we liked each other’s work and felt that we could be a good match. Granted, things didn’t work out with the first group because they wanted to take the game into a different direction than I liked (and it’s original purpose). The second publisher was onboard for further talks but eventually had to decline after they had a few team members leave which put the project they’re currently trying to finish on hold.
With the second publisher. Working with them may be possible in future, but is much too indeterminate. And as some of you know, being in “Hobo-Mode” for an indeterminate amount of time isn’t really my preference.
Now as for alternative methods of having the game completed:
Through my experience thus far I’ve come to learn that building the rest of the game in its current structure will cause issues that make alternative methods of funding much too challenging as opposed to other strategies.

Factoring in:
  1. Working with contractors who have other obligations which make full-time development close to impossible.
  2. The game being a real-time open world RPG, meaning time to develop as well as bug-fixing and testing is a nightmare for me to do on my own.
  3. The number of resources necessary, even though I could raise the funds after working X number of years on my own would still require some crazy efforts which could mean it could be a very very long time before the game is completed
Soooooooo given this…

I’m going to retire Immortal Doctrine as a RealTime RPG for the time being (dun dun dunnnn)
And instead, I’m going to redesign  and repurpose it into a Tactical RPG :smile:

Why a Tatical RPG?

  1.  I love tactical RPGs
  2. The framework that I’m using has a tactical system built in which will save me a lot of dev time and make it easier to rapid prototype different ideas
  3. A lot of the content we’ve made can easily be repurposed
  4. It will take less time and resources overall to develop
  5. It’s niche-based (which I like to start with first instead of trying to make something with the potential mass appeal)
And other reasons I can list, but for now aren’t really worth the effort of going too far to explain

Questions Some People Might Have

 1. Sooo are you giving up on your game?
  • Temporarily yes haha. Not entirely. But one day if I have the resources to make the game truly, then I will, of course, do so.
2. Okay, so now what?
  • Great question!  I’m currently building out the Core gameloop for the new (but smaller and more manageable) game.
  • I have a very strong vision for the tactical game and already have a MVP set up for the core game loop as we speak, but need to add the Stats and A.I. logic for enemies, etc.
I plan to have something fully “tryable” by the end of the next month or two.
In the Grand Scheme of things (hehe see what I did?), my plan is to (just like for the original Real Time RPG) make a Vertical slice that will feature the core game loop for two areas.

Also I Got A Job

I am now working full time, so I won’t be able to contribute 100% of my time to the game like before. But given the alterations I’ve made, I don’t think it will be a problem.
I’m much faster now than I was before and since I already have plenty of assets, I should be able to get back to a nice scale of a game in a fraction of the time it took for the Real Time game.
Granted, I do have less time per day, but so far (since starting last week) I’ve still managed to squeeze in a few hours per day before and after work along with the entirety of my weekends.

So In All

That’s pretty much it. Though I had to kill my baby (more like put it in a sleeper hold), I’m excited to be able to work on something that will be easier to accomplish :smile:
(Unless I decide to put lootboxes in it :smiling_imp: ) hehehe
Till next time!
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