March Update

Update List

  • Extra Help
  • Cutscenes Sketched Out
  • UI 90% fully replaced
  • Icon work heading in
  • Ability Animations Heading In
  • Intro Environment Fully Complete
  • Voice Acting Recorded!

Extra Help

In order to try to get the game done in a reasonable time, I’ve hired some extra artist to help split the remaining artwork for the game. It’s a new task for me to manage so many people at once, but so far things have been flowing well, and I’ve learned that I should have done this a while ago as it helps make development progress much faster and smoother.

Granted it wasn’t as easy of an option before though because the general style of the game hadn’t yet been standardized, so I had a feeling that bringing more people on board would have made things more difficult than simple. But at this point, it is going well and I’m looking forward to all of the great works everyone is making and their contributions towards making I.D. a very special RPG.


We’ve got cutscenes coming into the game. These cutscenes will be still-images, not videos (I’m too poor for real cutscenes). I’m honored to be having the honored Armen Madirossian working on them, as they are really coming along nicely. We’re expecting to get them done by around the end of May, so wish us luck that we can get stuff done in time 😀

In the meantime, all of the sketches for the scenes are done and now we will be moving into the production phase for them all. Though in the meantime, I have been replacing them as they are much much better than the original stick-figures I made…

UI Replacement

We’ve finally managed to start working out the game’s UI. In fact, the UI is almost complete. We’ve finished all of the game’s core windows including Menu screens, notifications, and dialogue.

All that remains now is finishing up some custom screens which you guys will see when you play later and the smaller items like the buttons and scrollbars.

A lot of time, energy, and dedication was put into designing and laying out the UI, so I hope people like it.

Icon Work

I’ve got someone crunching away on the game’s icons and objects. The game will have a lot. So I hope that people will enjoy drops galore! I personally love the feeling of picking up drops in games. It’s always been a peaceful and somewhat meditative feeling for me.

We’re starting with a few to see how things go time/cost wise, and if they go well, we’ll have custom art for every single game item. Otherwise, if we run into some restrictions, we’ll need to get more clever about how we do it.

Ability Animations Heading In

We’re also starting to get more animation work done for abilities. I’ve already sent out the first round of abilities that the game requires and so I’m hoping to have at least a decent amount by the end of this month.

Abilities include character unique abilities as well as general abilities and status effects.

Intro Environment Complete

Not sure if I mentioned this yet, but the game’s intro had been re-vamped since some time ago and I needed some new assets for it. Well, the new intro is finally complete with everything except sound and music (which will be coming in very soon). The game’s intro gives off an array of emotions and so I hope that people like it.

Voice Acting Work Recorded

In addition to the intro environments, we’ve also managed to complete the recordings for our game’s voice acting narrations! It gives the game a really nice vibe and I hope that it is well-received.



That’s all for now everyone. I hope to get the demo finished asap. Right now we are in hyperdrive mode! (Well at least I am)

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