Our Dream:

  1. "We want to create a story filled with warmth and love."
  2. "We want to create characters that the player can truly care about and create memories that will last a lifetime."
  3. "We want to bring joy to the player by bringing them to the Immortal Doctrine Universe"
  4. "Let's improve upon what we learned from making I.D. and make something even better."
  5. "Our game should be like comfort food. It should just make people feel good."

NaviaSplash (1)

The Game

Navia is a smaller game we wanted to make that tells a tiny, fun, and uplifting story about never giving up.

The Story

Navia is an angelic warrior from heaven who is sent down on a quest to convince the god of Creation and to spare the faithless world.

In short time she must convince the the people below by rekindling their faith before time runs out.

With only three days to complete her mission, Navia must find a way to do so by any means neccessary, though, she will quickly find that this task is not only difficult to accomplish, but may just be flat out impossible.

When all hope is lost she gains the favor of the god of time and he gives Navia the power to manipulate time itself via a scared artifact known as the "Arrow of Time"