New Year Update


It's been quite some time now, but it's been worth it.

A lot has happened since, but I'll just give you all the main details.


  1. Demo Done
  2. Game Standardization (and Core game Loop)
  3. Alpha Builds
  4. Last Things

The Demo is "Done"

So as of now, the full demo of the game is "Done."

Now as to what "Done" means, that's a great question. It means that the core of the game is in place and nothing more will be added besides polishing what is already present.

As of now, the Demo requires things such as:

  • Asset Replacement for UI, Minor Character Art, Battle Effects, and Sound
  • Bug fixes
  • Focused group Feedback and Playtesting

So as of now, we're focusing on replacing the stand-in art and tightening up the game along with other features like controller support.

In any case, the game will be "done done" when it's "done done" 😀

As for now, our team is moving along as we make the game as we envisioned (plus huge and worth changes)

Game Standardization

At this point, the game is "Standardized" means that the core concepts, core game loop, and core features have been tested and considered at this point and will only be subjected to minor adjustment if any.

What this means is, when we expand the game, we will be able to do so in a way that makes building it much more simple. Think (scaling up). You do everything you need to make "level 1" and then level 2 - 8 will functionally be the same minus obvious changes in the story, experience and the like.

But the hardest parts were to make sure the mechanics could be made in a way that would allow us to test their boundaries and our own.

Any case, we'll be moving forward with development as planned.

The Game is In Alpha

So at this point, we officially declare the game to be in "Alpha" stage. "Alpha" meaning, it has bugs... but it more or less has the core of what the game is meant to have.

The beta builds are just around the corner, but will not be considered so until the game's art, effects and sounds have been added.

We have a small baby QA group of friends helping us out to test for bugs and so our hope is that by the time we're done, our game will be just about ready to show off.

Last Things

We're still going strong and hope that we can make a great game that people will love and enjoy.

But most importantly, we hope to make a game that can make people feel good when they play it and inspire them to expand their minds.

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Comments (2)

  • James
    February 1, 2018 at 8:39 pm Reply
    Any pixel art you can show? Thanks
    • admin
      February 1, 2018 at 9:39 pm Reply
      Hey James! Thanks for stopping by! This month's update will have some samples of the game's character and environment art. We've refrained from it in the past since we were using a lot of stand-in assets. But now that the assets are production ready aside from battle effects, status effects and UI, we'd love to show it off. A new update will be available in about a day or so after I finish importing some last minute updates for the newest alpha build.

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