November Post… (I’ll come up with better post names in the future)

November – Revised

Greetings all, and happy November.

Last time was a bit of a “coming back” kind of update. In that, I wanted to give everyone some context on our idea with Navia.

For this post and moving forward, I’ll start talking about general updates.

But before I begin. I want you to think about something:

Have you ever felt like you’ve been trapped in a cycle?

In what felt like an “infinite loop”?

Whether it be from going to school day in, day out, hanging out with the same people day in and day out, maybe even eating the same things day in and day out.

Granted, not all cycles are bad. And sometimes, consistency can be a beautiful thing.

But what about those times we’ve been trapped in bad cycles.

Maybe you’ve been on a project that never seems to end.

Or you’re currently or have been stuck in a tedious job that you felt like you can never escape.

As for the reason I ask, I think that at some point, or in some cases, most of our lives, we’ve experienced this.

And feelings like this, being trapped, being stuck. They’re no fun. They take the joy out of life, and they don’t allow you to enjoy your state of just “being.”

The reason I’m mentioning this is that this very situation and the way to solve it is what I want to accomplish in Navia.

Navia is about the unfortunate cycles ones we find ourselves in, in our lives.

And a message. A resolution to breaking those cycles.

The simple solution is faith.

Not necessarily from a religious connotation (though I’m sure that too can be useful for those with religious beliefs).

But instead, pure faith and belief in itself, coupled with a dedication to that faith and belief through one’s thoughts and actions.

If it sounds cliche’ I’d understand. It does, right?

But there’s a power in the saying, “If it is to be, it’s up to me.”

What we hope to do in Navia is to show you what we mean. And then we hope that by seeing it here and experiencing it, manifested in this game, you too will be able to truly see, understand, and apply the principles into your own life 😀

Especially whenever you feel “stuck.”

Like in Navia. Our faith is like a valuable currency.

And how we spend that currency is fundamental.

Whether we invest that currency into things that propel us forward, or in many cases, invest it into actions that hold us back, what we ultimately choose to put it into will manifest with enough of that investment.

When we place our faith into things, we believe in, on every day of our cycles. We empower ourselves to break from those cycles, as eventually, our faith investment manifests something that becomes far too powerful for “cage” to contain.

If you feel stuck in life, work towards what you believe in each day, until the day that belief produces works so strong that they in themselves become strong enough to break you free.


The GSG Team

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