POC Completed and Moving On to the Alpha

Immortal Doctrine Tech Demo Complete
Well it is my pleasure to announce that the MVP and POC test phase of Immortal Doctrine has been completed!

At this point, I’m looking to receive feedback on the game, while at the same time I am looking to expand the game beyond a concept demo, into the complete demo.

I will be building the game step by step from beginning to end (where the demo ends).

My first plan is to create the Intro For Immortal Doctrine, then I will follow with the remaining story and areas.

I will be hand-drawing the concept art for the town and other location designs and I plan to work with an artists to create high level base illustrations that will eventually become the true game.

Starting this day will mark the time in which I will determine how long it will take me to complete the game.

Based on how long it takes me to get the game put together, I’ll be sure to multiply that length of time times 3 and that should give me a rough estimate of time of completion.

I feel that in order to make this game as best as possible, it will be important for me to invest as much time and resource as possible to ensure the best quality.

In any case, at this point, I shall continue to work on the game and will post updates when big things happen yet again.

More to come soon.

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