Screen Resolution, Publishing Group Consideration, Battle System Update

Screen Resolution
So I was doing some “competitive research” the other day (looking at other indie rpgs on the market) and found some interesting lessons learned from my own observations and confessions from the developers.

One of the most surprising to me was the lack of particular details that you would hope would be checked before spending a significant amount of time on a project.

This issue had to do with Screen Resolution.

Apparently, there were many RPG’s that were released that unfortunately lacked a basic test of designer consideration “Since I’m releasing this game on PC, how will it look when played on different screens and at different resolutions?”

Somehow… that didn’t cross the mind of quit a few developers and so their games did have their fair share of disgruntled buyers.

Something of this nature had occurred to me in the past and at moments like this I’d like to give another shout out to ORK framework for basically allowing me to not worry about it at all.

I adjusted some settings in ORK and set the default screensize to 1280 by 800 px.

I then made a build of the game and began to test how the pixel art would scale when I subjected the screen to different sizes in both windowed and full screen mode.

To my pleasure, it all scaled amazingly well!

So… yeah no sweat!

Publishing Group Consideration
One big element that makes and Indie game “Indie” is that you don’t have to answer to ANYONE and essentially you can make whatever game you wish!

I’ve personally never been opposed to the concept of publishers because like a symbiotic relationship publishers and developers in past have relied on one another to survive!

One question I’ve thought to myself was, if somehow, people thought my game ideas were of quality and I had the opportunity to join an already existing publisher, would I do it?

The answer to that is, it depends on the publisher!

My favorite publishers are Square Enix, Nippon Ichi, Atlus and Kona-…. BWAHAHAHA JUST KIDDING!

But I really like those three. Especially Atlus. I generally love the style of games that come from Atlus. If something is published by Atlus, I can generally feel that the quality and game itself will be good overall.

Square Enix is a bit iffy on things. The things that they are good at, they do super well, but I think when they try to “innovate” too much is where things get a little bonkers.

Nippon Ichi makes amazing games that aren’t always the best in my opinion, but the games that they have a hand in are always super creative and mechanically innovative.

Battle System Update
The battle system is looking really good right now even without the appropriate move A.I. system in place.

My A.I. characters can now move and attack using predefined A.I. behaviors and rulesets!

They can also tell the difference between attacking left and right now which is an awesome addition!

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