Starting the Demo, Game Intro, Handling Dialogues, Tutorial New Environment Artist and Pixel Character Artist

Starting the Demo
So the process for developing the “Real Demo” for Immortal Doctrine has officially commenced!

Already I have created the initial Intro for the game and tutorial.

Without going too far into the details, the Intro works to introduce the player to the game’s main story and then through them straight into the world.

The player will learn about the important of the history of Humanities rise and fall and understand their role as they follow Marin and the rest of the Seven as they go about their journey to defeat Bastille and his Seven Executors.

The Game’s intro is storybook oriented where the tale of the worlds creation will be told using semi-religious imagery

Game Intro
The Demo’s intro now features the beginning section which leads into a class choice menu which then leads into a slightly more traditional JRPG intro.

The rest of the intro quickly introduces the player to many of the game’s different mechanics and allows the player to get a solid grasp on the personalities of each of the Seven playable characters.

I also added in the HOF Guild Training Dungeon. It’s a brief dungeon created in order to give players a quick lesson about how to play the game and the main elements to look out for.

So far, I’ve found that the systems in the game aren’t too complex. But for some players it may feel so. So the entire town of Faraway provides resources in which the player can ask questions and learn about the game.

The information is always available and gives the player the option to learn as much as they want from NPCs, or simply discover the game’s mysteries for themselves.

HOF guild NPC’s are all tutorial NPCs that each teach a different mechanic in the game.

Examples include:

  • J.J. Levelmyster who teaches the player about the leveling system and Core Strengths
  • Happy Sam who teaches the player about positive effects in the game
  • Sad Sally who teaches the player about negative effects in the game
Handling Dialogues and Cutscenes
After much consideration towards both technical limitations and budget constraints, I’ve decided to utilize Storyboards and Portrait based profiles with text windows for dialogues.

For this, think of Disgea where many important conversations take place using portraits with relevant backgrounds.

We will be having multiple portraits for each character that will differ from a range of emotions. Naturally, we will cycle through these emotional portraits during important Cutcenes

Cutscenes will work a lot like how they did in the Old Fire Emblem GBA games where we use a series of Storyboards and dialogue to express the story for major events.

I believe that these additions will help keep the game at a good pace and allow a cost effective way for us to create a lot of great content without breaking the bank.

Tutorial New Environment Artist and Pixel Character Artist
I’m excited to say that we have a New Environmental Artist and Character Pixel Artist onboard!

We’re super happy to have Tim and Betty on the team.

Betty is super awesome to work with, has a great positive attitude, and has an abundance of love for Immortal Doctrine that was first made apparent when she applied to work with us.

Tim is also an amazing guy to work with! He was responsible for one of my favorite and successfully Kickstarted games Shadows Of Adam.

I’m really excited to be working with these guys.

Right now, we’re at a stage where we’re setting the standards for the Art in Immortal Doctrine.

Our goal is to create a level of art that really brings out the spirit of Secret/Legend of Mana, while adding a modern twist that make the art feel more relevant to our current generation.

We hope to have our first few official characters and tilesets ready within the month!

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