UI Update and Sounds!

Updating The UI
So currently I’ve been in the process of updating all of the game’s UI.

I purchased a few assets from the unity asset store and itch.io and am using them to get the game as close to a legit looking product as I possibly can with both free and cheap assets.

I replaced all of the menu skins with a new gui UI set but now need to resize everything to the right ratios!

The game is actually looking pretty sick now compared to before!

I also got a couple of really nice sound effect packs to help make the system sounds much nicer!

With the combination of UI and Sound fixes. The game is really feeling like a “game” now!

My plan is to go through a couple menus or so a day and revamp them to look as smooth as possible.

Completed Items include:

  • Main menu
  • Battle HUD
  • Status Menu

Using the sound packs, I went ahead and added some new sound effects for the game’s menus and notifications.

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